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Can we really stop Climate Change ?

Can we really stop Climate Change?

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Assuming that there is a permanent abnormal climate change occurring and assuming that we are the cause of it, can we stop it ?

Before discussing that, I must point out that I refute both the above assumptions, purely because there is so much lying occurring. Led by the United Nations, they are saying. "Trust us, we are telling the truth." The IPCC [1] has carefully selected data points to be trotted around and to be used in the modelling. And some have surely been doctored ! The UN says they have been adjusted. They have even twisted NASA's arm to correct the historical readings. If you had accessed this data some 6 years ago, it used to look vastly different [2].

We must not forget that the UN has been crying wolf since the 70s. Scaring the school kids even then with their hockey stick graphs. As long as you select the scale correctly, any graph is a hockey stick graph. This is called "lies, damned lies and statistics"[3]. And now they have rejuvenated these graphs[4].

Reasons we cannot stop Climate Change


The modelling is ignoring all the of above. If the premise of an investigation is incorrect, then the result will be a failure. This is called GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out) [10].

I am distressed that we are wasting all this energy, money and time in trying to stop the unstoppable. Surely, a more productive use of this money and time would be to find way to mitigate the effects of climate change; that is adapting to it. Why are we then, wasting all this time and money ?

It would be prudent to consider that the Club of Rome and the United Nations have been crying WOLF for decades on all sorts of issues such as running out of food and running out of fuel. So, why haven't YOU asked for proof ?

It is also worth re-iterating that the Hockey Curve pioneered by the Club of Rome has been scientifically discredited [11]. Yet, years later, the UN is now using it again to bamboozle people.

Natural Events of greater consequences say We can not stop Climate Change

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