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Pacific Blue Kiwi exists is to foster the truth about issues surrounding us. Issues such as Climate Change, but not the lies that are being broadcast from the United Nations. Climate Change is not Anthropomorphic [1]. It started when the Earth was formed [2]. The Earth has naturally warmed and cooled throughout history[3]. It was happening when the Dinosaurs were alive. Since we did not start Climate Change, it is absolutely ridiculous, haughty and superior of us to think that we could ever stop it.

Therefore, would it not be more prudent to stop wasting money in trying to stop it ?  Should we not be spending this money researching how we can live with the Climate Change ?  The United Nations is the one that proposes the solutions / measures to stop Climate Change, and the Green parties around the world adopt them, knowing that they will not work. In fact, every measure proposed so far, would actually hasten Climate Change. If in fact we started it.

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