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Is Climate Change really man-made ?

The Real Issues Facing Earth

Pacific Blue Kiwi exists to foster an understanding of the Real Issues facing Earth. This means exposing the Climate Change Fraud that has been foisted on us. We will be the laughing stock of our descendants, as they will shake their heads in disbelief that we got suckered in by the Friends of the Earth, The United Nations, The Club of Rome, The Green Parties, Al Gore and David Attenborough.

Are Carbon Credits saving the Planet ? Are Electric Vehicles Green ? Is Solar Power Green ? Are LED Lights Green ? Science or Religion ? Can we stop Climate Change ?

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Eye of the Sea lake in Tatra mountains, Poland depositphotos. com

Some of the Topics discussed here

  1. Are Carbon Credits saving the Planet ?
  2. Are Electric Vehicles Green ?
  3. Is Solar Power Green ?
  4. Are LED Lights Green ?
  5. Science or Religion ?
  6. Can we stop Climate Change ?